About TAO

I am a 50 odd year old dyslexic git. But I also have a passion for art and our society in which we live in. As the years roll by we change our thoughts to what in life really matters and our responsibility to each other. With today’s technology we all see news around the world as it happens, most of the time saddened by the natural or man made disasters, we, I, you wonder what we can do to help. Some give time, others give money, because we all feel the need to help. Having the opportunity to use our skills to do just that is what drives the creative processes for me now. The need to make and use art that will make a difference to people and their lives is to me the most rewarding part of being an artist and being proud of it.

My first experience of working with young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) began in 2002. I clearly remember being intimidated by this new and challenging environment but also remember the realization of a personal moment of truth, these children were just like me they wanted to have fun, they wanted to explore and be challenged, my two week project lasted 7 years.

The more you give the more you get back

During my 7 years I received more then I feel I ever gave and one of the most important things I learnt was to see past the disability and to see the child.
I was also amazed at the dedication and flexibility of the staff within this environment; it opened my eyes to a completely new way of looking and working around things.
During this time I became very aware of the incredible learning resource the PMLD environment offers creative people. You must think outside of your accepted ‘safe’ zone and be adaptable and prepared for any eventuality.

This learning experience has lead to developing new approaches, action research being one of them. Within this site I will give you an insight into this different approach to everyday issues that developed over the years.

This area of my work is now a major part of me but I have always felt the need to paint and draw and have a passion for it. I enjoy using most mediums, I have included within this site some of my personnel work most of which focuses around dyslexia using a surreal, illustrative approach.